Hosted Fax / Internet Fax Service

Adding a Hosted Fax to your unified communications will change your business and excite your employees. Hosted Fax is as simple as attaching a document to an email, you access your fax portal and enter the fax number you are sending the document to and with a click – off goes your fax.

I remember the day that I allowed my office to take a shot at the old fax machine that had frustrated everyone over the years. Talk about a team building experience that brought my group together. Some businesses use their copy machines in place of a fax machine. Everyone uses the office copier, faxes get tossed aside and never delivered to the appropriate person.

With a Hosted Fax, you only to print what you want and have an online display of the amount of faxes sent as well as who they were sent too. No more delivering the faxes to the addressee, just forward the fax email. You can set an alert to your email when a fax is received. The likelihood of ever losing a virtual fax is minimal, an electronic copy exists, just reprint it.

In today’s business world, there is no longer a need for the physical fax machine. Take your faxing to the cloud. Get the office together and smash away!