If you are a real estate agent, using the latest technology in your industry can help you succeed in a highly competitive industry. Accessibility is a key factor in the real estate industry, clients want the comfort of knowing you are available to them while they make one of the biggest decisions in their lives.

Phone costs in the real estate industry are historically above average compared to other businesses. A real estate agent needs the ability to be mobile. In most cases, traditional phone providers charge for this feature. By creating your own unified communication plan, you are able to multi-task throughout your day. You are able to integrate your voicemails, faxes and emails and have them all accessible you’re your office while you are on the road building your cliental. Whether you are just starting out as a real estate agent or already have an established business, it is beneficial to have considerable savings and added features to take your business to the next level.

Benefits of VoIP for Real Estate Agents

  1. VoIP offers a Find Me/ Follow me feature that allows you to be accessible at all times for your clients while not at your office. Mobility and accessibility are key in the real estate industry.
  2. Voice mails can be sent via email so all your messages are stored electronically for future reference. This leaves no room for errors.
  3. Throw out the desk phone! VoIP offers virtual extensions, your office line can automatically be transferred to your mobile device. This feature is offered by most VoIP providers at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Calls can be routed to specific agents in your absence.
  5. Receive faxes to your email. You can do your business from anywhere, anytime. Make important decisions in a prompt manner without wasting any time! Hosted fax also stores historical data electronically for you, no need to print ever fax you receive.
  6. Real estate companies can combine multiple offices into one phone system. By the use of extensions, you can direct callers to multiple locations and track the volume of calls for each.
  7. VoIP service offers customers up to 50% off their current phone provider. Receive unlimited local and long distance for one low price.

VoIP is replacing the traditional phone service and offers businesses features that make a difference in how you operate your day to day activities. Never be tied down to the office again and show your clients your commitment to find them their dream home.