Many medical practices have upgraded to a VoIP system; doctors and staff have been pleasantly surprised with the system’s ease of use and how quickly they were able to adopt it. Read on to find out how VoIP is becoming the latest technology to better service patients.

Medical Practices Improve Patient Satisfaction With VoIP

Below are the advantages of hosted VoIP services for medical practices:

  • A busy medical professional who works at multiple locations or has more than one office can easily receive calls from their main line directly to their mobile phone. This one feature alone enables medical professionals to give their clients round-the-clock support and assistance them when needed in an emergency.
  • The Voicemail to Email feature ensures that even if you are on rounds or meeting with a patient, you can read through the contents of important phone messages and never lose the information. You can save time by prioritizing the most important first. You can always keep an electronic log for future reference of calls received from your office or patients.
  • The auto-attendant can be pre-recorded with messages for each extension in your office. It is like having a virtual receptionist.
  • VoIP enhances employee satisfaction with medical practices. For example, when a patient hangs up without leaving a message on an answering machine, the call list on a VoIP system can be printed out so patients can be identified and called back. This creates a warm and helpful image of the medical practice in the minds of patients.
  • VoIP increases your HIPAA and HITECH compliance with E911 services and detailed call reporting.
  • The average medical practice can save over 55% on their telecommunications costs when switching to VoIP.

Doctors are upgrading their telephone systems to the cost saving and flexibility of the new VoIP technology. As an industry leader in the telecom industry, VoIPLy is prepared to help your medical practice make the transition to a better, simple and reliable VoIP phone system. We invite you to talk to us and learn how simple it is to get started.