VoIP offers a range of features not otherwise available in traditional phone systems. The “Click to Dial/Call” feature is one of them. This is a plugin that is available in browsers that enable users to call a person on their phone by clicking on the person’s contact icon from their desktop.

More businesses today are implementing CRM (customer relationship management) software. CRMs today can be integrated with VoIP and the Click to Dial/Call feature can be used for quick and easy dialing. Once your staff starts to use this plug–in feature, they won’t want to work without it.

Save Time with VoIP Click to Dial / Call Feature

Here are some benefits for Click to Dial/Call:

  • Make calls inside your web browser or CRM.
  • When the phone number is clicked on, your phone rings, and you're automatically connected with the contact.
  • No more dialing errors- Click to dial/call auto dials the number leaving no room for error.
  • Call reports are accurate, render reports for your staff showing amount of calls, average call durations and call results.