To ensure uninterrupted and clear HD VoIP calls, it is important to have a fast and reliable Internet connection. We recommend running a VoIP speed to confirm everything is in order on your network.

VoIP speed tests typically give you comprehensive and extensive data about your Internet bandwidth, not limited to just the speed. It measures the performance and quality of your internet connection. This is done by stimulating a VoIP session between the server (of the company that conducts the VoIP speed test) and your computer. After the download and upload speed is tested, other parameters are tested and results are generated. These parameters specifically help to determine your bandwidth’s capability to handle VoIP calls.

Understanding Your VoIP Speed Test

These parameters are:

  • Bandwidth, to measure the data that can be sent and received by your Internet connection.
  • Packet loss, to measure how much data is lost during a transmission.
  • Jitters, to measure the variation between the packets that are sent and received during a transmission.
  • Ping time, to measure the time taken for a message that is sent from the server to reach your computer and reach back to the server.
  • Service quality of your ISP, measures the consistence of your bandwidth.
  • Mean Opinion Score, to measure the quality of sound at your receiving end.
  • Max Pause, to measure the longest pauses during a break in audio.

Understanding the test results can tell you beforehand of any problems that you might experience during your VoIP call. Please reach out to our Customer Success Team and we’ll schedule a 1-week VoIP speed test for your environment or start a speed test now.