With reliable and effective customer service being a vital key to success for retailers, making yourself always available to your customers with clear HD audio sound can leave a first impression that creates comfort and loyalty.

If you are unable to take a call when you are with a customer, you can advertise sales and promotions while they are on hold. Your phone system never goes down with VoIP, the internet may get interrupted but housing your phone service in the cloud helps keep your business running and engaging your customer.

Here are the advantages of hosted VoIP services for retailers:

  • By using the internet, VoIP calls are significantly less expensive than traditional phone service. Average retailers save up to 55% on their telecommunications expenses.
  • VoIP services offers a hosted fax, no need to print every fax sent to you, your faxes are designated to an email so you always have an electronic copy. There is less room for mistakes and lost orders.
  • Automated Attendants give your customers a better service experience when there is a high volume of calls during peak sales season. You can make it easier to reach the right person and reduce call volume for your busiest departments.
  • With VoIP features like Find Me/ Follow me, you are not limited to a desk phone and can have calls screened then forwarded to your cell phone.
  • Voicemail to email or text services ensure that you never miss an important message even if you are in a meeting or in a building with poor network reception.
  • You can transfer calls between different devices and extensions ensuring that customers receive a seamless experience.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that more and more retailers today are turning to hosted VoIP solutions to enhance their business as well as increase customer satisfaction!