Why You Should Consider an Auto-Attendant

Having a telephone number is essential, irrespective of whether you will be running a large or small business. But what’s even more necessary is having someone to answer calls when prospects and clients call your number, lest you lose out on potential business. What if you don’t have a full time receptionist?

Let the professional auto-attendant work for you and direct your customer to the appropriate person. Auto-attendant or digital receptionist is a voice menu feature that is included in all plans with VoIPLy. Many businesses today have implemented the VoIPLy auto-attendant which gives the customer a crisp professional first impression of their business.

Best of all, the auto-attendant filters calls and can increase productivity. The auto-attendant can relay information to your customer while they are on hold or if they call after hours. As a client of VoIPLy, you have full control on the content and the programing of your auto-attendant. This feature has the flexibility to offer any size business professional representation to their customer.

Why You Need a Professionally Recorded Auto-Attendant

VoIPLy offers a professionally recorded auto-attendant message. You can create the message and we do all the work for you. This message can create the first impression of your business and is the key to grab the attention of your customer so you never lose a call. You have the options of a male or female voice and can include background music behind your message. Once the message is recorded, you will be able to preview your recording before it is deployed to your system. A pleasant and professional message creates a secure feeling for your customer that their call is important to you and can reduce customer hang ups.